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Simply Katie.

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hi, i`m katie. you`re not. it's okay, you`ll get over it eventually. i'm just your not-so-average 14 year old who lives in california. i'm pretty lazy but I really don't care. i am obsessed with making graphics, and you can find my graphics at icontime. wanna` add me ? or be added back ? simple. just read over my interests and see what you have in common with me. this is my PERSONAL journal. let me repeat, my PERSONAL journal so everything in here has to do with my life, and not my graphics. now, onto the info :)

CRUSHES : josh holloway, matthew fox, jason dolley, tom welling, jesse spencer, leonardo dicaprio & mitchell musso.
MOVIES : titanic, the notebook, RENT, freedom writers
ACTORS : evangeline lilly, kate winslet, hilary duff, leonardo dicaprio, hugh laurie, jesse spencer, daniel radcliffe, emma watson, drew barrymore, tom welling, kristin kreuk, michael rosenbaum, rachel bilson, mischa barton, adam brody, emily deschanel, adam sandler, david boreanaz, ben stiller, hilary swank & way more.
SHIPS : clark/lana, kate/sawyer, kate/jack, chase/cameron, bones/booth, rose/jack, claire/charlie, house/cuddy
LOVES : graphic making ! tv, computer, PSP, photoshop, icecream, love, laughing, friends, family, & god
MY PERSONALITY : fun, bouncy, outgoing, (sometimes) moody, weird, unique, cool, awesome, amazing, talented, lazy.

so that's pretty much it. i'm a really cool person that i know you want to get to know :) i love meeting new people and making new friends. i DO have a life and although i'm lazy, i am not addicted to the computer or anything like that. i am addicted to LOST though. i also love the shows house, bones, smallville and degrassi. evangeline lilly is my role model <3 love her too ? you'll pretty much be added to my friends list forever. my grandparents are my best friends & i can tell them anything. I don`t live in a fancy town, and i don`t buy fancy purses. i'm just living for god, and that's it. love me or hate me, i really don't care. but prepare to have a good reason why :)
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